The Chambers has 14 skilled barristers with a wide legal experience, including, but not limited to, Criminal, Commercial and Civil Law as well as extensive experience in Family Law, Child Welfare and related areas of law. Our barristers also have a wide range of background work experiences, including courts, legal administration, education, health sciences and taxation.

Our barristers represent private and legal aid clients and Independent Child Lawyers in Parramatta, Sydney and throughout NSW. We are instructed by private law firms, Legal Aid, Crown Solicitors, Juvenile Justice, Child Welfare agencies and other Government departments.

Please contact our clerk, Betty Hor, to discuss your legal needs or to make an appointment to see one of our barristers.

  • Stephen Cairns

    Stephen Cairns

    Commenced practice at the Bar in 1994.

    Areas of practice include Criminal, Family and Administrative Law, ADR, Building and Construction, Equity, Industrial/Employment, Local Government, Environmental, Professional Negligence, Trade Practices, Competition and Workers Compensation.

  • Karen Conte-Mills

    Karen Conte-Mills

    Commenced practice at the Bar in 2007.

    Areas of practice include Criminal Law, Parole, Family Law, Children’s Issues, Negligence, Defamation, Education, Administrative, OH&S and Human Rights Law.

    Karen is also an accredited Mediator and Arbitrator in Family Law

  • Robyn Druitt

    Robyn Druitt

    Commenced practice at the Bar in 1991.

    Former member of Law Society and Bar Association Committees on Family Law, Legal Aid and Equal Opportunity. Areas of practice include Family Law, De Facto Property and complex Personal Injury matters arising from abuse by a person in a position of trust.

  • Juliana Friedlander

    Juliana Friedlander

    Commenced practice at the Bar in 2005.

    Main areas of practice include Family, Criminal and Civil Law. Juliana is fluent in Auslan (sign language).

  • Richard Greenaway

    Richard Greenaway

    Commenced practice at the Bar in 1988.

    Areas of practice include Family Law and De Facto Property.

  • David Maddox

    David Maddox

    Commenced practice at the Bar in 1989, after practising as a solicitor specialising in litigation.

    Main areas of practice include Family Law and Probate (including Family Provision).

  • Nicholas Silva

    Nicholas Silva

    Commenced practice at the Bar in 2014, having practiced as a solicitor for 4 years as a general practitioner.

    Nicholas’s areas of practice include Criminal Law, Family Law, Administrative Law and Civil Litigation.

  • Razia Shafiq

    Razia Shafiq

    Initially called to the NSW Bar in 1994. Left Australia to work abroad for 5 years as a Criminal Law Advocate (1994-1999). Commenced practice at NSW Bar in October 2014. Prior to October 2014, Shafiq worked for the NSW ODPP for 15 years as a Senior Solicitor. She appeared at regional courts in country NSW, Local and District Courts, Childrens Court and the Parramatta Drug Court in full gamut of criminal matters.

    Main areas of practice – Criminal Law – committal and trial matters, summary hearings, Childrens criminal proceedings, statutory prosecutions, inquests, bail and traffic matters; Family law matters, human rights /refugee law.

  • Lois Snelling

    Lois Snelling

    Commenced practice at the Bar in 1996.

    Areas of practice include Civil, Criminal and Family Law. Previously worked for the Australian Bureau of Statistics, then as a law clerk and as a litigation solicitor. Lois currently lives on the South Coast and accepts briefs for Sydney, Sydney West, Wollongong to Bega and Canberra.

    Lois is also an accredited Mediator and Arbitrator in Family Law.

  • Photo of barrister's wig

    Carolina Soto

    Admitted as a Solicitor in 2005 and called to the Bar in 2018.

    Areas of practice include - criminal trials and hearings, sentencing, bail, committal proceedings, children’s crime, appeals (conviction and/or severity), parole hearings - children, fitness matters, traffic and licence appeals, apprehended domestic and personal violence matters, Drug Court and family law (parenting and property settlement).
    She worked as a defence solicitor at Legal Aid NSW for ten years prior to being called to the Bar. She is a sessional lecturer at the School of Law at Western Sydney University in Torts Law, Introduction to Law and Criminal Law. Member of NSW Bar Association, member of the Bar Association Barrister Pro Bono Scheme (Criminal Law) and Legal Aid Summary Criminal Law Panel.

  • Photo of barrister's wig

    Mark Turnbull

    Please contact the Clerk for further information regarding Mark Turnbull.